• Growth Financing that Fits the Need

    We offer financing that is designed around your business needs. Unlike the cookie-cutter approach of banks or private equity firms, our loans are structured with your goals in mind.

  • 42cm Friends Gym x38cm Eat Beach Black 10 Small litrest Bag Tote Not Shopping Grey Fruit Reduced Equity Dilution

    You didn’t put in years of hard work building your business to turn around and give it away to a private equity firm. Reduced equity dilution means you retain control over your destiny.

  • Low Amortization Payments

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    Successful execution requires a focus on growth and a financial partner who understands the needs of growing companies. This is why we offer low amortization payments. Spend the money on what matters right now.

  • Intelligent Approach to Valuing Collateral

    We look at your contracts or recurring revenue, in addition to your fixed assets. This straightforward approach means you get the loan you need, based on real-world value.

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