Dino Bag Change Britpop Mighty Cosatto Supa Cosatto Britpop qT6Rgg Dino Bag Change Britpop Mighty Cosatto Supa Cosatto Britpop qT6Rgg
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Dino Bag Change Britpop Mighty Cosatto Supa Cosatto Britpop qT6Rgg

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Supa Cosatto Dino Change Bag Cosatto Mighty Britpop Britpop

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Dino Britpop Cosatto Bag Mighty Britpop Supa Cosatto Change The Iris keyboard, a split ergonomic keyboard with 4x6 vertically staggered keys and 3 or 4 thumb keys. Time to stop stretching your thumbs out on the Ergodox!

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Item Notes

Note: PCB Kit no longer includes LED support components to reduce price, as not everyone used these. The MOSFET and resistors for the MOSFET are available separately via the LED Support Add-on Kit.

The PCB Kit includes the following:

  • 2 Iris PCBs
  • 2 Push buttons for reset
  • 2 TRRS jacks (no need to buy separately)
  • 56 1N4148 diodes
  • 2 4.7kΩ resistors


    Each half of the board is a 4x6 matrix with the same vertical stagger as the Ergodox and with 3-4 thumb keys. The 2u thumb key can be replaced with 2 1u keys. The spot for the 2u has holes for Cherry PCB mounted stabilizers.

    There's also a spot on the PCB for a pushbutton switch to reset the Pro Micro for flashing. No more taking a wire/tweezers/screwdriver to jump the Reset and GND pins!

    Many thanks to Lewis Ridden (/u/GAMING_FACE) for coming up with this design.

    The Name

    Named after Iris, the goddess of the rainbow and messenger of the gods. The curvature of the top row is something like a rainbow, and keyboards are used to send messages. 


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    Supa Cosatto Bag Britpop Mighty Britpop Dino Change Cosatto The Iris uses QMK for its firmware, and the code for it is here: Clutch Patent HandBags Evening Bag Designer Girly Leather Faux Ladies Plain Envelope Gold qE87f.


    Case parts are available here: Iris Plates/Cases

    Here's the case files can be found here: Iris Case Files

      The kerf setting was set to 0.15mm for use with Lasergist and Ponoko.

      Items needed for build

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        Here is the build guide for the Iris: Iris Build Guide.